What is a Kaleidoscope Jukebox? An ever-changing reflection of sound color rooted in downtempo with hints of world, funk, reggae, dub, jazz and blues. A deep space beam which takes the listener through the past, present and future. It's music for dancing as well as contemplation and has an ability to evoke every emotion, deeply. Clint, aka, Mr. Jukebox, has established a sound all his own. His live shows are high energy, ever-flowing, vibration stations which leave the listener with a profound sense of wonder, awe and thirst for more. Every show is a unique experience with a family affair vibe that is unlike any other. His first album, Infinite Reflection, was released in 2013 and charted #18 in the CMJ RPM Charts. To this day, it is receiving continued radio support via XM satellite and broadcast radio. He has done official remixes for Thievery Corporation, Desert Dwellers, Living Light, The Archives, and Thomas Blondet.